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Register Your Truck Number Now to Reserve Your Spot Before All Spaces Run Out!

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As ESCORRTs we know how to have fun! Become an ESCORRT and get dirty at the BajaHa Races!

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Get Your Tickets for the Inaugural BajaHa Race

Have your truck? Got your 4-6 crazy friends? Now, register your truck number for the FIRST BajaHa Racing event! Click the button below – it's free!

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Get Dirty Now!

Want to run the BajaHa Races? Then register your truck number today! It's fun, cheap, easy & FREE...you just need a stock truck & 4-6 crazy friends.

Where Off-Road Meets Off-the-Wall

BajaHa Registration

1The ESCORRT series (Endurance Short Course Off-Road Racing Trucks) provides an affordable opportunity for wanna-be off-road racers to drive on pro-short-course tracks. Register today!


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2Join us and share your experience along the way. Post your photos and tell your story. Click the social media links below to follow us and see what the newest up and coming teams are up to.

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off-road Enhanced

3We’re all here to have fun – so minimal rules – just enough to keep you crazy off-roaders safe. Hours of running in cheap trucks on pro-dirt tracks, we’re just tryin’ to make sure you don’t crush your or anyone else’s noggin.


Events Calendar

4We are gearing up for event #1, and you should be a part of it as an ESCORRT Founder! Register your truck now to make sure you get the truck number you want! Click the link below to register your truck today.