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Imagine a dirty version of 24 Hours of Lemons and ChumpCar. The idea is simple – take $1000 “stock” trucks, dress them up in crazy themes, then run them for 16 hours over two days on professional short-course off-road tracks! We are bringing endurance short-course off-road racing to those who have always wanted to run these tracks.

Do you have a stock truck lying around gathering dust? OR have the stock racing truck rules changed on you, so now you have a homeless stock racing truck? Guess what…run it at the BajaHa Races!!!

This is a LOT of seat time for VERY LITTLE cost!

That’s right…
+   Pro Short Course Tracks
+   Challenging Endurance Racing
+   $1000 Off-Road Trucks
+   Cheap Entry Fees
+   Group of Crazy People Looking for Fun
=   A Weekend of Dirty, Cheap, Fun


We’ve combined the Thrill of Short Course Racing with the Challenge of Endurance Racing and we’re doing it all in Very Affordable Trucks.

We’re taking $1000 trucks, dressing them up in crazy themes and then running them non-stop with 4-to-6-driver teams for 16 hours over two days (or as long as we can make the trucks last) on Short-Course off-road tracks! YES – professional tracks!!

Join and become an ESCORRT Pro, create and register a team of 4-6 drivers, find a $1000 truck, decorate it and enter it in the BajaHa Las Vegas event at VORE!



We are a group of off-road racing enthusiasts, who love building, wrenching and driving off-road vehicles, but have limited budgets. We would love to race, but have found that it’s too expensive to run with the professionals. The most fun we have is when a group of us get together and we’re joking, pranking and kidding around. Then when we’re out and nothing goes right and we’re challenged to fix something broken…that is what makes the greatest memories. SO…that’s why we created the BajaHa Races – SERIOUS Racing for SERIOUSLY Cheap Trucks!


In everything we do, we believe in questioning the way it’s always been done, we believe in thinking differently and we believe in the challenge of taking the excitement of off-road racing and making it affordable to everyone. BajaHa Racing provides an opportunity for any off-roader to CHEAPLY come race on pro-short-course tracks.

Really though…it’s just because we want to go racing, don’t you?


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