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Q: What exactly is ESCORRT BajaHa Racing?

A: Think ChumpCar or 24 Hours of Lemons but on professional short course dirt tracks with $1000 “stock” theme trucks. Same idea, different medium. Show up with some crazy friends, a truck that has been re-vamped with a great theme, and be ready to race that pile of junk truck around a professional short-course track for 10-16 hours on Saturday and Sunday (or as long as it will last). Not familiar with Lemons or Chump? Check out their websites and get a clue. ———

Q: I need detailed instruction on how to register. Do you have something I can download?

A: Yes. Detailed instructions on how to become a member of ESCORRT and then register for the BajaHa Races can be found by clicking here. ———

Q: Can I run my Stock Desert Racing truck in the BajaHa Races?

A: Most likely. We do not want trucks that have been super modified for professional racing. This is “real” racing, for real people, with real stock trucks. There is a $1000 limit placed on the base truck value…the safety additions (rollcage, safety seat, fuel cell, etc.) will NOT be counted toward the $1000 limit. Now, we will accept trucks above that value, BUT there will be heavy lap penalties for going over that limit. If you are going to go over the limit at least try to disguise it, or be clever. Blatant disregard for the $1000 limit will result in harsher penalties. ———

Q: Does my truck and team need to have a theme?

A: No, but when the BajaHa Racing registration gets filled, we will make decisions on who will be accepted/rejected for the event based upon the theme.———

Q: Does our team have to have 4-6 drivers?

A: Yes. It is mandatory that your team have 4-6 drivers registered to run the event.———

Q: Does a team have to consist of crew?

A: No. To note, drivers can crew, but crew can’t drive. If you want to have people in the pit area working on your car, they have to be registered as either crew or a driver. It’s a legal thing. Everyone else is restricted to spectator areas.———

Q: What safety requirements does my truck have to have?

A: The basic requirements. To read those rules, you can download the document by clicking here.———

Q: What safety equipment do I need to run the BajaHa Races?

A: You can download the Driver/Crew Safety Gear information by clicking here.———

Q: What truck components count toward the $1000 limit?

A: Any component or part that does not qualify for the safety requirements and improves the truck.———

Q: Is there even such a thing as a $1000 truck?

A: Duh!! If there wasn’t, we couldn’t have this event. Now, to create a $1000 truck you will have to get creative, but that’s part of the fun!———

Q: What happens if I go over the $1000 limit?

A: You will be docked laps. As mentioned before, blatant disregard for the limit will result in a harsher penalty assessment, so at least try to be “sneaky” or creative.———

Q: Does the truck need to be registered or insured?

A: Not if you are just using it for the race event. If you are crazy enough to drive it on the street, well that is a whole other ball game. On our tracks, our rules don’t require it. Beyond our jurisdiction (i.e. streets of California or Nevada), you have to play by the DMV’s rules.———

Q: Crazy theme trucks, $1000 limit, is this serious racing?

A: Absolutely! It is for all experience levels, and we will be sure to watch that as the race is going on. Limit cheaters will be starting the race down laps and will have to make them up – but since your cheating, you should be able to. Show up with your A-game because at the green flag drop it is all systems go!———

Q: Do I need a racing license from the SCCA, FIA or other sanctioning body?

A: No, you just need to be an ESCORRT Pro paid member and have a valid driver’s license.———

Q: I am under 18. Can I run?

A: Only if you get a parental consent form signed and sent in. To download this form, click here.———

Q: Real dirt track racing. Does that mean drifting, soaring off jumps and all that crazy stuff I see on TV?

A: Yes indeed. However, if you flip your truck or put it on its side you are done for the day. Period. No questions. Your truck will be pulled from the track. You can go out the next day and run it, but if it happens again you are out for the rest of the year. We don’t need anyone being so stupid that they put themselves and everyone else in unnecessary danger. We are here to have fun and get you out on the professional tracks.———

Q: Do I need my own transponder?

A: No. You can rent one for $50 for the weekend, but if you break/damage it, we are charging you for a brand new replacement (upwards of $400). If you have one…just bring it.———

Q: What do I get for whinning?

A: You get kicked out!!! We are all here for fun. In no circumstance is whining fun. You cause others to not have fun, you get to leave.———

Q: What are the race groups our trucks will be classified under?

A: To read more, go to “Race Groups”. In short, they are:1) Group 2M (Meadow Muffins) – The trucks that are out to have a fun time, but have no chance in hell of winning…probably no chance of finishing. This includes the trucks that will spend more time in the pits than on track or for the teams with inexperienced drivers…or both. It is the underdog disaster-on-wheels that we all cheer for.2) Group D (Dingleberries) – These are the slightly better trucks. Maybe, even drivers with some racing/off-road experience. They will probably finish, but really don’t have much chance to win overall. Some days will be better than others, but they are out there getting dirty and having fun!3) Group HT (Hot Tamales) – The group for those who really are out there to compete. The trucks are well built and the teams are made up of drivers who know what they are doing. They will be passing people, so get out of their way or they might land on you.———


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