BajaHa Racing Truck Team Registration

Register your Truck and Truck Number to save your spot at the BajaHa Racing Event. It’s easy and FREE!!!

Have your team leader needs to fill out the form below with your team concept and submit it for ESCORRT approval.

Upon approval, the team leader (form submitter) will be able to log in and purchase the $500 truck entry ticket. Once the truck entry is paid for a passcode will be generated for the team leader to send to fellow drivers and crew members to enter when they are registering for the BajaHa Racing event. They will need to enter that passcode when registering to be affiliated with your team. **TO NOTE: the entry tickets must be purchased prior to 60 days before the event or your team’s spot will be given to a wait-listed team.

*Remember, you MUST have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 drivers for your team. Any number of crew members is allowed. Drivers can crew, but crew can’t drive.