Pricing & Rules

Event Entry:

$500 per truck      |     $125 per driver     |    $50 for crew
*TO NOTE: Each team must have 4-6 drivers

This fee covers registration, track time, paddock pass, track insurance, track maintenance, on-site ambulance crew, sweatshop-made commemorative crap, and anything else we come up with by then. Non-driving team members get all the same benefits less the track time.

Just feel like hanging out and making fun of your crazy friends? Not going to be working on a truck or hanging out in any of the assigned pit spaces? If so, just steer clear of the track and working areas, but come on over and join us for FREE!!! Yes, free. Kids under 18 are considered minors and you are responsible for them (lucky them, running around with ESCORRTs!)…just keep them close. If they break the rules, you are responsible for them and will be asked to leave.

Event Rules:

These are the rules…to make things simple, just don’t break them.

Don’t screw with us, we wont screw with you.

To see the Truck Construction Rules and Safety Gear Rules, go to the Rules & Tech Specs page

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ESCORRT Basic Rules (188 kb)
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ESCORRT’s BajaHa Racing Event Tech Sheet

*NOTE: This MUST be completed and brought to tech.– No form — No Tech — No Race.